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Top 10 Most Remote Living Locations Around The World

By on July 8, 2014 in For Fun

From the most expensive to most family-friendly, city lists for every personality cover the Internet’s millions of pages. If you want a more rugged and isolated home base, look no further than these remote areas. You’ll feel like the only person on Earth.

1. Easter Island

This island has a rich history of settlers, although it only has a few people calling it home. Easter Island boasts a rugged terrain built by volcanoes along with hidden caves that keep people intrigued with this Pacific Ocean gem.
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2. Svalbard, Norway

If you’re a fan of plant life, settle in Norway’s northern island. You’ll find the Global Seed Vault here, holding the Earth’s largest seed inventory. Plants allow people to thrive with a healthy food chain.
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3. Barrow, Alaska

Remain in the United States while still experiencing an Arctic winter in Barrow, Alaska. There are two months of pure darkness in the winter, giving you the perspective of living at the top of the world.
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4. Cape York Peninsula, Australia

Unless you’re willing to fly into this area, it’s nearly impossible to reach otherwise. Supporting mostly aboriginal tribes, Cape York is a throwback to simpler times.
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5. Supai, Arizona

You may be wary about any part of Arizona being remote, but you can’t even drive to Supai. This town resides at the base of the Grand Canyon, making mule your favorite transportation choice.
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6. McMurdo, Antarctica

Venture down to Ross Island at the South Pole to find an area only inhabited by scientists. This research facility is only used during the Antarctic summer, leaving it uninhabited during the bitter winter.
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7. Socotra Island

Home of Dragon’s Blood Trees, this island near Yemen has one of the most unique flora and fauna on Earth. Reach its beauty by airplane because no other transportation visits this remote area.
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8. Tristan da Cunha, South Atlantic Ocean

This island lies almost an equal distance between South America and South Africa in the Atlantic Ocean. You can only reach the island by boat because of its mountainous expanse.
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9. International Space Station

At an average 230 miles above the Earth, the ISS is definitely a remote living location. Housing astronauts from around the world, research and observations are made each day to benefit the world.
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10. Chang Tang, Tibet

As one of the most remote land areas, Chang Tang is in the middle of Tibet with hundreds of miles of open meadows without cities or towns. It’s also one of the most sunniest areas with barely any cloud cover through the year.
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