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Top 10 Amazing Treehouses With Feng “Swayyy”

By on April 3, 2014 in For Fun

If you could trade your current home for any of these treehouses, would you? It is afterall, energy efficient and I would imagine you’d get a great view as well. Taking treehouses to another level are these top 10 man-made creations. These homes are certainly alive and thriving, one of them even holds church services!

Known as “The Minister’s Treehouse” located in Crossville, Tennessee. Horace Burgess, Landscape Architect managed to build with his bare hands, this beautiful 97-foot tall and 10,000 Square-foot treehouse in 1993. The Minister’s Treehouse has definitely been put to good use in holding church services on Sundays. To top it off even more, Burgess also added a 5,700 lbs. chime tower.

Minister's Treehouse
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Speaking of “Feng Swayyy“, this is definitely one of the most Zen treehouses yet, blending in with nature’s surroundings. It is certainly the perfect summer home!

Feng swayy
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Built in 2005 and sitting in the center of a 300,000 acre private reserve located in Southern Chile, the Montana Magica Lodge is claimed to be today’s modern volcano. How did it get its name? It erupts water daily. Believe it or not, this magical lodge features hot tubs that are carved from large tree trunks. Rooming is limited with a total of 14.

Treehouse Lodge

Inspired by a Norwegian Church comes resulted in the creation of the Canopy Cathedral Treehouse. A Two-story treehouse with a balcony overlooking a large lake located in Longwood Gardens, PA. this remarkable structure was built in 2008.

Canopy Cathedral  Treehouse
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The Alnwick Garden Treehouse located in the UK was completed in 2005 and was turned into a restaurant serving gourmet meals to its local residents. One of its amenities is a beautiful fireplace that sits in the center of the treehouse.

alnwick Garden Treehouse
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This cute cube shaped treehouse is truly tricky to the eye. Covered in mirrors, the Mirrorcube Treehouse acts as a hotel located in Harads, Sweden. Laminated over the mirrors to keep birds from plunging into them is infrared film that is visible to birds. This stunning hideout features a large bed that can accomodate two people, kitchen, bath, living area, and is said to be about $592 per night stay.

Mirror Cube Treehouse

A castle-like guest house would definitely make any guest feel royal. Located in Kilmarnock, Scotland.

Guest Treehouse
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Discovered in Bali, this beautiful treehouse mansion consists of six stories. Made of bamboo, the architect responsible for this breath-taking creation, Elora Hardy calls it “Sharma Springs“. The bonus feature of this beauty is its view of volcanoes and palm trees. As if it can’t get anymore relaxing in this treehouse, Elora has also included within this masterpiece, a spa and library.

Bali Treehouse
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What looks like a cozy treehouse of a little girl’s dream was once a part of a barn. Located just Northwest of Toronto is a strong standing treehouse built of remaining wood pieces from a barn blown over by a tornado. Lynn Knowlton, Interior Designer of Toronto decide to make use of the remains by building this magnificent treehouse on her property.

Knowlton Treehouse
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Located in Ontario, Canada and lit up like a Japanese style lantern is Lukasz Kos’ stunning treehouse by the name of 4Treehouse. The treehouse was built around the base of four trees resulting in its name today. This unique three-level treehouse sits overlooking Lake Muskoka.

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These photos represent some creative and talented minds. Whether you are an interior designer, an architect, or just an individual with a lot of time on your hands, nothing is impossible if you truly want to accomplish something. Each one of these individuals have certainly given us all a gift by inventing something that we can all marvel at for many years to come. You never know, maybe the housing market may take treehouses into consideration in the future!

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