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Tiny Homes of America

By on August 19, 2014 in For Fun

Less maintenance required and easy to travel with, what if you can take your home with you wherever you go? As little as 8 feet 6 inches wide to 40 feet long, these tiny home on wheels are quite the trend not only for a single household, but for individuals. There are several creative ways to build extra bedrooms within these tiny homes as some of these innovative homeowners have proven possible. Just because these particular homes are tiny, certainly does not mean you have to limit yourself on appliances and the different types of rooms you would look for in a normal size home, such as: a living room, bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom(s).

Today, there are manufacturing companies that specialize in these unique homes and can be sold to any interested home buyer looking to start small. Well known manufacturing companies like, Tiny House Company, Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, Tiny Green Cabins to name a few. Some are built on trailers due to most local code enforcement agencies and cannot be built as a permanent structure on land.

Why Would Anyone Choose To Live Small?

Many of us may ask these individuals why they choose to live small only to have them turn around and ask us…”why not?” With today’s slow economy and house prices going up based on property sizes, americans today have found another way to live the american dream and giving them a chance to truly own a home.

Most tiny homeowners have found that living in a small space allows them to focus more in the bigger and important things in life. These tiny homes may mean less clutter and less work required to maintain a clean home, enabling for homeowners to put more time and effort into all other activities where energy is needed on a daily basis. For people who are trying to break the habit of hoarding, this may also be an advantage.

Here are a few tiny, yet very cozy homes in America today:

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