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The Most Expensive Communities In The United States

By on June 6, 2014 in For Fun

You’ve heard that cost of living varies between different areas and the Council for Community and Economic Research, or C2ER, set out to prove that in their 2014 data analysis. Concentrating on cities with 50,000 people or more, C2ER pulled together a top 10 list that gives you an idea of the most expensive areas. If you were planning on moving to any of these communities, a very large pay increase should be a goal before the move.

  • New York
    NYCPhoto Credit
    Almost all costs are double or more compared to other U.S. cities when you analyze New York City. Real estate, groceries and transportation will cost you dearly to live in this popular city.

  • San Diego
    San DiegoPhoto Credit
    You’ll pay a premium for Southern California sunshine without the smog factor. San Diego is expensive to live in, but has many military employers to soften the economic blow.

  • Honolulu
    HonoluluPhoto Credit
    Being on an island means that most resources must be flown or shipped in, making Honolulu’s prices for any item very expensive. If you can land that lucrative job to cover the high cost of living, you’ve got paradise.

  • Los Angeles
    Los AngelesPhoto Credit
    Hoping to be discovered in Hollywood will take some investment to afford a home. With low incomes throughout the city, it’s easy to find poverty conditions unless you have the money to move to a more lucrative suburb.

  • San Francisco
    San FranciscoPhoto Credit
    With little land to develop, San Francisco packs in the people with high rental and real estate costs. Living with a roommate is one of the best solutions.

  • Oakland
    OaklandPhoto Credit
    If you can’t afford San Francisco, neighboring Oakland is still an expensive option. Take the BART train to access both cities for more job opportunities.

  • San Jose
    San JosePhoto Credit
    Known for its Silicon Valley address, San Jose boasts a busy metropolis with a family-friendly atmosphere. Luckily, they have a high median household income to offset the expensive real estate market.

  • Boston
    BostonPhoto Credit
    For its historical and academic prospects, Boston is an expensive option for any person. It has nearly a 40 percent higher cost of living than the nation’s average.

  • Stamford
    Stamford, CTPhoto Credit
    This glorious Connecticut suburb is a reprieve for Manhattan workers with the paychecks to match. Between real estate costs and basic resources, cost of living is 44 percent higher than the nation.

  • Washington, D.C.
    Washington DCPhoto Credit
    The nation’s capital has a high cost of living, but paychecks are competitive even for first time employees. Live among the nation’s top politicians for a lesson in patriotism.

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