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May 2014: RealtyTrac’s Top Foreclosure States

By on July 16, 2014 in Market Updates

Maryland Foreclosure

According to the most recent foreclosure reports from RealtyTrac, as a nation there were currently 1,100,671 properties that were undergoing some stage of foreclosure in May. The number of foreclosures filed during that month was 5% lower than the month of April. When compared with the same time last year it was 26% lower.

The top five states with the highest foreclosure count for the month of May are:

1) Florida = 1 in every 436
2) Maryland = 1 in every 621
3) Nevada = 1 in every 717
4) Illinois = 1 in every 790
5) Ohio = 1 in every 805

Florida’s foreclosure filings for the month was 8% lower than the previous month and was 30% lower than the year prior. The counties with the most foreclosure filings based per housing unit are:

Pasco = 1 in every 284
Flagler = 1 in every 299
Orange = 1 in every 302
Brevard = 1 in every 303
Saint Lucie = 1 in every 308

Maryland is number two on the list with 1 in every 621 housing units to file for foreclosure. The filings in the state of MD was 0% higher than the month of April and 5% lower than last year. Maryland’s top foreclosure counties are:

Caroline = 1 in every 245
Prince George’s County = 1 in every 348
Charles = 1 in every 374
Washington = 1 in every 441
Calvert = 1 in every 463

The state of Nevada landed on number three in this most recent report with 1 in every 717 housing units to file for foreclosure. The state’s filings was 7% higher than the month prior and 57% lower than the previous year. Top five counties for their list of high foreclosure filings are:

Nye = 1 in every 563
Lyon = 1 in every 571
Clark = 1 in every 618
Carson City = 1 in every 1176
Douglas = 1 in every 1183

The state of Illinois had an average of 1 in every 790 housing units to file for foreclosure, it made number four in the list this time around. Foreclosure filings in IL was reported to be 11% lower than the month prior and 23% lower than the same time last year. Illinois’ top foreclosure counties for the month of May are as follows:

Mchenry = 1 in every 380
Winnebago = 1 in every 428
Kane = 1 in every 475
Kendall = 1 in every 494
Will = 1 in every 502

Last but definitely not least, Ohio made number five in this most recent foreclosure report with 1 in every 805 housing units to file for foreclosure. For the month of May, OH’s foreclosure filings were 7% lower than just the month prior and 27% lower than the previous year.

So there you have it, the most recent foreclosure report of the top five foreclosure states in the nation!

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