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Cities With the Most Pleasant Weather Days in the U.S.

By on May 27, 2014 in For Fun

Most Pleasant Weathers

According to a professional Designer/ Software Engineer, Kelly Norton created an interactive map that shows some of the best cities to live in if you are seeking a city with the most pleasant days based on weather temperatures between 55-75 degrees. To name a few, here are a couple of the top cities:

Los Angeles, CA

With up to 183 pleasant weather days in a year, LA is one of the nicest cities to live in and only 35 days of precipitation each year. Besides the tourist attractions such as the Hollywood sign or Walking in Rodeo Drive, many people today escape their dreadful weathered cities to visit Los Angeles just to soak up the sun and feel the breeze.

San Diego, CA

Another city in California is not surprising when it is not too far from Los Angeles. San Diego is said to have up to 182 pleasant days in a year, that is at least half the entire year. The last time San Diego ever seen snow was on December 13, 1967 and lasted till December 19, 1967 and by then had already racked up 50 inches of snow.

San Francisco, CA

Not too close to the top two cities we just mentioned, but close enough… San Francisco is not only known for their diverse culture and eateries but the city is on the list of pleasant cities to be visit for their 129 pleasant weather days in a year, which is 35% despite its cold summer weather. Also, making it to the fourth on the list of the richest cities in the world after London, Moscow, and New York, San Francisco aka “The City That Knows How” is home to many billionaires today and is the city with the largest Chinese Community in the world besides the country of China.

Seattle, WA

Even though Seattle is known for having more than 200 cloudy days each year, the city still has more pleasant days than others. Also known as the largest man made island in the nation the Harbor Island, Seattle’s houseboat population is the largest in the country outside of Asia with almost 500.

Chicago, IL

Some may call it the “Windy City”, but Chicago believe it or not has pleasant days of at least 20% of the entire year. Within nearly 40 million visitors each year, there are 200 art galleries to see and 200 theatres to visit, with over 5,500 restaurants to dine at for the traveling foodies.

New York City

Everyone loves New York, and now they have more of a reason to after finding out that this city actually has up to 67 pleasant days in the year when it comes to the weather. Despite the humidity level in the summer, this city still has more pleasant days than many with an average temperature annually of 55 degrees. New York City has more people than the 39 of the 50 states in the nation. Not only is New York city home to most of the Puerto Rican community in the U.S., but is home to Albert Einstein’s eyeball, which is kept in a City Safe Deposit Box.

Houston, TX

The average high temperature in Houston is said to be at 93 degrees, but has up to 18% of pleasant weather throughout the year. Houston is not only famous for being the first word mentioned on the moon by Neil Armstrong, but near the center of Houston between certain interstates is the spot where the Allen Brothers first settled. Today, Houston is home to at least 150,000 Hurricane Katrina Survivors.

Atlanta, GA

Despite the humidity level in ATL and its occasional snow, Atlanta experiences (17%) 62 pleasant weather days throughout the year. With at least 16.5 million visitors each year, and is also home to many famous celebrities, including the famous civil rights movement leader Martin Luther King Jr. By the way, when visiting Atlanta it is illegal to tie a giraffe to a light post.

Phoenix, AZ

Yes, Arizona certainly takes in the desert heat in the summer, but it also experiences 59 pleasant weather days annually. When it is hot in Arizona, it puts out dry heat. At least the sun is out for 334 days each year. With more than 13.3 million visitors annually, there are plenty of places and sceneries in AZ for its visitors to tour, such as the largest municipal park in the world covering 20,000 acres. Arizona also consists of 6 National Forests of 11.2 million acres total and 23 Indian Reservations of 19 million acres, which are home to about 14 tribes and represents 200,000 people in the U.S.

Las Vegas, NV

Just like its neighboring state Arizona, Las Vegas is no stranger to dry heat. With an average temperature of 69 degrees when the days were pleasant at least 16% of the year last year. There is much more to love about Las Vegas, NV than its weather. Attracting more than 300 million visitors annually, there are many fun activities that the city of sin has many pool parties that welcomes all of its visitors. From driving bulldozers to the 1,000 people living underground, Las Vegas is definitely a unique and pleasant place to visit.

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