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Are Power Lines A Health Hazard?

By on November 11, 2013 in Mortgage Videos

It is important to educate yourself on housing hazards prior to making a final decision on your home. Find out what external factors may or may not be a threat. When you shop for a new home, each property has its own unique location and material construction. Although a home appears to be safe and well-constructed, housing health hazards may be lurking within the structure, especially if it is older. Evaluate the home based on its possible health hazards to determine if a property is right for you.

1. Power Lines

Every home needs electricity, but some properties may have power lines closely situated to your property. Although electrical radiation has been scrutinized in the media, the United States Department of Urban Development stated in 2013 that there is no definitive relation between power line proximity and any health problems. Your home should be safe if it is near power lines.

2. Carbon Monoxide

Known as the silent killer, carbon monoxide is an odorless gas commonly associated with space heaters. If a heating appliance malfunctions in the home, it can emit carbon monoxide, causing dizziness, nausea and possible death. Evaluate the home for properly working appliances and install a carbon monoxide monitor to keep your family safe.

3. Radon

Have your prospective home tested for radon exposure. Radon is a gas that emanates from the ground as radioactive uranium decay. Even local groundwater may have radon, along with rocks and soil. The gas easily enters the home and, with long-term exposure, can cause lung cancer.

4. Asbestos

As a mineral fiber, asbestos was a useful material between 1930 and 1977 for home insulation, painting compounds and texture paint. Ask the realtor about the structure’s age and any possible asbestos issues. If there is a risk of asbestos, you can ask the seller to remove it professionally or move onto the next property. You do not want to take on the expense of removing asbestos yourself. A professional company must perform the service to reduce the possibility of cancer-causing agents affecting your health.

5. Air Particulates

The home’s central air system should be well-maintained to avoid allergens permeating the air. Mold, pet dander and pest excrement can easily sicken your family if the duct system is dirty and neglected. Ask for a pest control professional to look through the home. Pests, from rodents to termites create tiny allergens in the home, causing sickness over time.

Your prospective home can be a dream come true if it is inspected properly for any health hazards. Be aware of any issues to keep your family safe and disease-free.


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