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Amazing Man Caves For Modern Day Cavemen

By on September 8, 2014 in For Fun, Uncategorized

Tree houses are great for kids and a man cave is the best place to get some time to yourself away from your kids. Putting together a themed room is fun, unless you are going for an “AMAZING” Man Cave it may take some time to think of all the possible ways to change up the place. Whether it is a relaxed vacation theme or a sports theme, you can find many of these great ideas on Pinterest. From throne toilets to keg bar stools, not only can you achieve the entire theme feel for your man cave, there are several ways to get creative with the furniture that you can add to your theme of choice.

The best places and areas to turn into a man cave are:

  • Basements
  • Garage
  • Extra Bedroom
  • Office Room
  • Pool House
  • Loft

Whether you own or rent a home, a place to yourself is not hard to find. As long as you are not renovating the home and drilling all sorts of holes into your wall or changing the paint of your walls without a landlord’s permission, there shouldn’t be no harm in this project.

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