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A Refinance Program Giving Back to the Middle Class

By on September 2, 2014 in Mortgage Programs

Mortgage rates are lower today than they have been for years. For those who are already committed to a current existing rate, you are not out of options to achieve a lower rate through a refinance.

Even though the opportunity has been around since 2009, one of the nation’s most effective mortgage payment reducing program is often overlooked. The Obama Administration’s Home Affordable Refinance Program is available to millions of U.S. homeowners today. HARP Refinance Lender is now checking eligibility for homeowners. Due to today’s countless underwater mortgages, the government had to find a solution, but not just any solution. They would soon come to realize that the initial program’s eligibility guidelines required a little bit of tweaking in order for it to reach the many millions that it is designed to help.

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Refinance To Save

Many homeowners are now qualifying for a refinance on their deeply underwater homes to benefit from saving hundreds of dollars each month on their monthly mortgage payment. Homeowners who have never stopped searching for an opportunity like this have now been given the chance of a lifetime, saving them well over $4,000 each year. They say “good things must come to an end, or good news is short lived”, this is a common phrase that also applies to this unique program.

The HARP Program has a deadline set for December of 2015, so homeowners looking to take advantage of these benefits must act sooner than later. This is definitely not something to procrastinate about, because once you take the step to a refinance under HARP you will continue to save from your reduced monthly mortgage payments and be able to pay off your mortgage a lot faster. Mortgage Home Base can direct you to a network of qualified professional lenders within your state that can help with all your lending needs.

Who Is HARP Designed To Help?

HARP was designed to not only help out with underwater homeowners, it was also set out to give a helping hand to our middle-class citizens today. Very similar to a stimulus package from the government. Your qualifying chances to refinance through are higher if your mortgage is less than $625,000.

The Home Affordable Refinance Program benefits highly for those who are:

  • Current homeowners who have a current loan-to-value greater than 80 percent.
  • Current Mortgages guaranteed by Freddie Mac or Fanny Mae.
  • Homeowners who have not missed a mortgage payment in the past 6 months and more than one payment in the past 12 months.
Do I Qualify For A Low Rate?

This is a tactic of the government’s that is suppose to help boost the economy, influencing banks to cut rates and in the end helping you save so you would be able to increase on disposable income. So, why not take advantage so you can spend more on the add-on renovations of your home and in return building the equity of your property? Middle-class or not, this is definitely a nothing-to-lose opportunity. Services like Mortgage Home Base can help match you with a Licensed HARP Professional lender that may be able to help you get the lowest rate possible.

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