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10 DIY Improvements To Help Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

By on May 9, 2014 in For Fun

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So you’ve decided to list your home in the market, but can’t seem to get any homeseekers to stop by? You may be shocked to find that there are a few simple things you may have overlooked. Yes, the inside of your home may be amazing, but the brainless trick to building an interest in homeseekers to want to get past that welcome mat you must make sure that the exterior part of your home is eye catching.

Selling and buying a home is certainly not rocket science but it also isn’t a walk in the park either, but being prepared and with the help of the right realtor, the task at hand can be accomplished.

Here are 10 common improvements that have been proven to work for many homeowners that may also bring interested buyers to your doorstep.

1) Garage

A home’s garage is an important part of a home and can be very useful for a new homeowner. No only do home buyers look for a durable and appealing garage door to park a car behind, most homeowners also look for the convenience of being able to use a garage as an organized storage. Garages with proper shelving or cabinets already in place gives new homeowners the opportunity to keep their home tidy and organized and still be able to park a motor vehicle comfortably.

2) Landscaping

A bit of yardwork goes a long way when it comes to enhancing your home’s curb appeal. What people see in the outside will give them an idea of how tidy the inside of a home is. A great and simple way to beautify any yard is to add some flowers for color. Bright colors can captivate just about any passerby. The key thing to choosing the right flowers is by deciding on a floral theme and sticking to just that. There is no need to go flower power in your landscaping, for example you can choose to go with an exotic theme by going with tulips and lilies or roses and daisies.

3) Front Door

A welcoming entry way is a must. A few changes you can make to portray a more inviting entrance are:

  • The color of the door
  • Fix any broken hinges/locks
  • Make sure that the door you choose is secure

These are just three common things that are simple improvements. To ensure a successful first impression, make sure that you lead the way from first greeting guests at the pathway all the way to the door when conducting the tour of your home. Generosity never fails.

4) Outdoor Lighting

To create a more effective pathway to the doorstep of your home is lighting. Lighting can give a guest a comforting sense of safety and can add a dramatic feel to the home. The type of lighting you choose to go with can also highlight your landscape as well. You can also solar lights to add alongside your pathway to your doorstep, it is energy efficient and can definitely add a bit more value to any front lawn.

5) New Roofing

Statistics show that the roofing of a home counts for as much as 40 percent of a home’s curb appeal, that is nearly half of the rest of the home’s exterior surrounding. A newer roof and better roofing material gives new homeowners a piece of mind that the roof they are going to be living under should not give them any problems anytime soon. Choosing the right material and installing it correctly from scratch can complement the exterior color of the home and should be more durable in the end. Hard work pays off!

6) Architectural Detail

Detailing the exterior part of a property such as window shutters can really increase the architectural decor. Even adding a small balcony above the front door of your home can change the appearance of a home instantly, giving it a more modern look. Other small details like wide moldings on a front or garage door may help also.

7) Front Porch

Some people may not feel like they hang out in the front porch enough to even care to decorate it, but a larger family looking for a home may consider a front porch to be an extra living space. Keeping the front porch tidy at all times and maybe adding a few comfy chairs and plants can create a rather nice little hangout area for those home buyers looking for a nice hangout area for barbecue get togethers or just a place to get away from the rest of the living quarters within the home.

8) Hardware Update

Simple things such as making sure that you have a nice and proper looking door latch, mailbox, and the house number in your home is highly important. A mailbox is something that a lot of important mail gets delivered to and from anyone residing in the home, so it should be working properly. A mailbox may not seem like a big deal when it comes to curb appeal for those who have never considered it, after all…who judges a home by a mailbox right? Wrong, a mailbox sits outside nearest to the curb or your home so it should be treated the same way as the pathway to your home.

9) Exterior Paint

Not only do snakes shed their skins, but houses do too sometimes, the only difference is that when a home’s exterior paint starts to peel off, it means that it is time to repaint it. Make sure when choosing to repaint your home to find the exact same paint color that you first painted your home with, you need the paint to match. No one wants a tye dye colored home, grey is a good example of a modern color choice if you decide to change up the entire exterior paint color of your home.

10) Energy Efficient Windows

Energy efficiency is getting more and more popular these days. Making sure that gaps and cracks in windows are properly sealed doesn’t only help conserve energy, it also cleans up the appearance of your window.

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